Creating a food-related business

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Creating a food-related business

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Let me use my experience developing, deploying and marketing brands in both the high-tech and food/beverage industries to help you launch your food brand.  Pick an individual topic you need help with or pick the "Everything" package to get multiple sessions covering everything.


The first step in making money in the food space is to create a create product or service  We can discuss techniques for coming up with products to fulfill your customers' needs and wants, which will mean more sales for you.  


Will you be selling online or in physical locations?  You'll also need to consider issues dealing with manufacturing, packaging, labeling and more.  I'll help you create a go-to-market strategy so you can guarantee that the process of making and getting your products or services to market is as easy as possible.


Learn how to let people know about your product or service so you can make the money you deserve!  I've used mail, floor displays, sampling, outdoor and various social media techniques to let people know about products I've sold.  Let me help you build the ideal marketing mix to create sales.


If you choose this package, we'll discuss all of the above topics over the course of three sessions.

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