Originally, Jon’s company helped entrepreneurs finance their hospitality or food businesses. After a few years, the necessity of creating unique content became apparent, so he began creating niche video courses.

The two major challenges that Jon sees for food/beverage companies:
- staff turnover
- trying to run fast enough to keep up

Books to Read:
Not Fade Away by Laurence Shames and Peter Barton
Churchill: A Life by Martin Gilbert

App/Online Resource:

Time Machine Advise:
- "Don’t do the cleaning business."
- "Do something you love."
- "Start small and focus on getting your first paying customer as quickly as possible."
- "Life’s short; have fun."

How to Contact:
- jon@upsidehl.com

Jon's Podcasts:
The Upside Business Podcast
The Gap (coming soon!)

Food Marketing Podcast deeper dive:
The daily Food Marketing newspaper
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