Kevin is the owner of Big Spoon Agency, a boutique firm based in Richmond, Virginia; its focus is word-of-mouth marketing. He and his team call themselves a customer experience agency for food and hospitality brands. They accomplish that through campaign management, digital strategy, public relations, and helping with creative direction.

Their mission is to craft memorable experiences that spark and strengthen meaningful connections. Especially with our restaurant partners, they believe that starts within asking the following questions: 
- What’s that experience like at the dinner table?
- How about when they walk into the restaurant?
- What about the food that’s coming out of the kitchen?

Books to Read:
Before Happiness by Shawn Achor
Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon 

App/Online Resource:
Google Docs

Time Machine Advice:
- "You’re going to make some mistakes and that’s going to be okay." I think that’s part of the process of running a business.
- "You just have to navigate and learn and keep moving forward."
- "Have a good support team and cheerleaders and stay grounded."

How to Contact:

Final Thoughts:
"In food marketing - when you’re working with restaurants, when you’re a small business owner - it’s a lot of hours and it’s a lot of hard work...just make sure you’re having fun and you’re enjoying it!"

Music: Sacrifice by Robodub
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