She's a former venturer capitalist that found she didn't have time to cook for herself, but didn't want to eat fast food every day. Unfortunately, her options were limited and the food quality was often poor. When she saw an opportunity to fill a niche in the food delivery market, she decided to ditch the venture capital game and go into business for herself.

AuthenFOOD offers a variety of food options, including:
Gluten Free Diet
Low Fat Diet
Workout Diet
Ethnic Diet
Vegan Diet
Paleo Diet
Hypertension Diet
Diabetic Diet
Low Sodium Diet

Book to read:
Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Apps/Online Resources:
Duck Duck Go

Time Machine Advice:
"Don't be scared to try and don't wait for the perfect product. But whatever you have, just throw it out there and start marketing that and see what response you get."

Contact Info:
(844) 402-4069

Final Thoughts:
"Go out there and try your idea and don't give up!"

Music: Sacrifice by Robodub
Introduction by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

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